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Important Auto Maintenance Practices.

Due to the economic crisis in many countries many car owners bypass car servicing. A car requires regular check-ups just like a human being does. If you pass on general auto services, chances are you are leaving your car vulnerable to some potentially serious damage. It is obvious that extensive are repairs will require a hefty amount of money. The saying that prevention is better than cure is very applicable when it comes to vehicles Here are tips that will help keep your car in good shape.

It is essential that you frequently change the car oil. The duration needed for your car oil to be changed will be determined by the nature of oil that you are using. It is necessary that you change your car oil after the specified time. In this way you can avoid nasty engine sludge and oil seal problems. Sludge of the oil can result to engine problems and oil leakage. Many car owners who fail to timely change their car oil end up taking their vehicles to a car repair shop.

It is vital to keep your car fuel system properly maintained. With advancement in auto technology in-line fuel filters become obsolete. A change in the filter is a mandatory after a covering a distance of 24000 miles. If you replace it on time, you are assured that the fuel tank will last longer. To ensure maximum efficiency, you should replace the filter before using the cleaner.

Properly maintain the cooling system of your car. ensure that you know the right coolant for your car before doing cooling system service. Some newer types of anti-freeze compounds do not require replacement until five years of normal driving have passed, although they are much costly than the regular anti-freeze. Browse your car’s manual so that you understand the best coolant for your car and the duration it needs to change.

Additional car belts and hoses need to be replaced after two years. However, you can replace belts and hoses if you see signs of wear and tear even if the items have not yet reached two years. It is recommended that belts be changed after 100000 miles even if they are in good condition as after this distance they have been shown to fall off.

If you want to keep your car in an excellent condition, then you should not mind spending some time and money on general auto maintenance. This will enhance the working of your car and in addition save your car fro serious problems that may be expensive to repair.

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