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Brothers With Glass: Increasing Awareness and Understanding About Dab Rigs

When it comes to the dab scene, it is crucial to research the various dab rigs available for you. In this article, we will be sharing basic information about dab rigs. First, and foremost, let us define a dab rig. When it comes to dab rigs, they are usually water filtered smoking devices used to administer essential oils, wax, extracts, and many more. The body and the nail are the two parts of a dab rig. The body holds the water and smoke, while the nail vaporizes the concentrates.

It is quire overwhelming and confusing choosing the right dab rig for you because of a wide variety of dab rig options available for you. There are huge dab rigs sizes available in the market today, averaging in 9-inches size, with excellent functionality and style. Larger dab rigs possess water filtration system that helps in delivering nice smooth hits. There are a lot of glass artists making huge dab rigs with different price points. A mini dab is a great option for travelers. A small dab rig preserves the terpenes’ flavors better. You’ll also find recycle dab rigs in the market today, wherein water is moved or recylcled through two different chambers, giving a science experience in taking dabs. Recyclers are popular because of their great water filtration system, delivering super smooth hits. Recyclers have awesome look when sitting or using it with water to swirl around, and they have amazing sounds where taking hits. You’ll find affordable recycling dab rigs, and it is worth it to spend extra money on high-quality recyclers. Nectar collectors or honey straws work differently as compared to other types of dab rigs. Honey straws allow the nail of the dab rig to be directly placed on a glass dish, and these are affordable and portable.

As a battery-operated dab rig, an e-rig stands as an all-in-one solution that is simply pushed on a button and dab is dropped on the built-in atomizer or nail. You can always turn any glass into a dab rig, and large bongs can also work as dab rigs. Do you want to shop for a high-quality and affordable dab rigs? Brothers With Glass can help you find the right dab rig type for you, come and check their products on their website now! Find the best shapes, sizes, and style of bongs and dab rigs for your needs. You will surely find the best selection of bongs and rigs available in the market today!

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